BASIS.ed Senior Projects are a point of pride for students, teachers, parents, and staff at our schools, and one of the most unique aspects of the BASIS.ed academic program.

About the BASIS.ed Senior Projects

The Senior Project is a selective program that involves an off-campus research project or internship of the students' choice and design. Students select a BASIS.ed faculty member as their advisor and work with a mentor at their research site. These projects may be completed anywhere in the world. At the end of the trimester, students return to campus and present an analysis of their findings to peers, staff, and parents. Below are links to the students' senior project blogs.

BASIS.ed students team up with corporations, entrepreneurs, agencies, and researchers across myriad fields nationally and internationally. However, this is not just an internship, as BASIS students bring an exceptional level of expertise to the entities they support. While the average student at BASIS charter schools will have completed six AP® classes prior to acceptance into the Senior Project program, it is the program itself that sets students apart to the most prestigious universities in the world, and differentiates them from other students their age.

The Senior Project program was developed to foster in our students valuable insight about utilizing their knowledge in the real world, while maintaining a sense of intellectual curiosity during the research-and-application process. Senior Projects require students to work at a public or private-sector institution, or to enroll in a college or university's external study program. Ultimately, the students present their research and findings to the school community, parents, and guests. The internship or study program is typically related to the course of study the student intends to pursue following high school graduation.

If your business or institution is interested in becoming a mentor for the BASIS Senior Project Program, please contact Julia Toews at

2017 Senior Projects

There are 10 BASIS charter schools participating in the 2017 BASIS.ed Senior Project Program. To view the details of a specific project, select a BASIS charter school listed below and click on a student's name.

Student Topic
Anivarya K.Narrative Medicine
Christopher James P.Solution to Pollution: Creating Plastic-Eating Bacteria
Crystal V.Through the Looking Glass: Nutrition on Academics in Vietnam
Elijah P.BASIS: A Cultural Perspective
Max B.Determining the Hubble Constant
Student Topic
Alan H.(AP Project) Analyzing Schools From a Materialist Lens
Alan H.(Senior Project) From Virtual to Reality: Software for Designing, Simulating, and Manufacturing the Product
Amy Z.Empirical Analysis of Nature's Cellual Designs
Aniruddh K.Data acquisition and statistical analysis in process engineering
Arhum M.Experimental Progress on Pancreatic Cancer Cells
Christiaan B.(AP Project) International Sanctions: The Preferred Method for Global Political Change
Christiaan B.(Senior Project) A Comparative Analysis of Electronic and Mechanical Continuously Variable Transmissions in Miniature Off-road Vehicles
Genevieve W.The Correlation Between Outreach Events and Sales
Huy N.Trends of Declining Teen Driving Accidents and What To Do Next
Irene Z.Stem Cell Applications in Nerve Cell Regeneration
Isaac M.Metalloproteins - Expanding the "Worker" Molecule of the Human Body
Jaeyoung K.The Apis mellifera GABAa Receptor (Rdl) in the Olfactory Circuit in the Honey Bee Brain
Jai Pranav K.Machine Vision Technology in Plastic Fabrication and Injection Molding of Battery Seals
John B.E-CVT: The Next Generation of SAE Transmissions
Kristy T.Using the Virtual World to Combat Anxiety in the Real World
Nikash H.Equine amniotic allograft for veterinary regenerative treatment
Rachael K.Building a Sensory Garden
Raj S.Determining the Dependence of Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Expression on Opioid Receptors
Ritika G.Developing Better Screening and Awareness for Dyslexia
Robert W. SAE Baja Engineering with Soildworks 3D Modeling
Theodore N.Teenage Depression: Detection and Solutions
Vijeeth G.Expanding the Frontiers of Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy
Yixue (Anna) C.Andrew Mellon and the Early 20th Century Economic Policy of the United States
Student Topic
Ben D.Social Media, the 2016 Election, and Hyperreality: A Contextual Analysis of Baudrillard's Theory of Simulation
Helena T.Experiencing the World Through Our Hands
Ilana D.Mapping Venus' Geologic Activity
John W.Modeling the Impact of Ocean Acidification on Marine Biodiversity
Wisdom H.Sustainable Living: Timber is Misunderstood
Student Topic
Adam S.Words, Music, and Their Unconscious Effects on the Mind
Adam W.The Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Working Memory
Alaina W.Risk Assessment in Midwife-Managed Care
Ben K.A Biomechanical Investigation of Back Shape While Lifting
Dylan H.Music and Language Cognition in the Left and Parietal Lobe
Erin B.Oily Ocean
Hannah M.I Spine a Problem
Kalina C.Species Conservation in the Seychelles
KariJoy T.Big Attitudes, Small Town
Lucas C.Water Matters
Marggie P.A study on the Gila cypha
Noelle M.Should We inVESTA in Mining
Ryan C.Micro Markets
Sylvia K.Silent But Deadly
Tudor C.Wound Healing: A New Hope
Student Topic
Danial S.The Quantum World
Jessica G.Sustainable Agricultural Techniques in Guatemala
Kaylee B.There’s a World Out there... Exploring China Through Service Learning and Cultural Exposure
Sean-Wyn N.Surface-Influenced Catalytic Activity in Ceria-Supported Catalysts
Student Topic
Alyza K.Exploring the World of Cardiology
Ashlyn S.The Truth of Crime Labs: Television versus Reality
Benjamin C.Creating a Detailed Diagram of the Arm for Medical Study
Bodo L.Analysis of Organic Farming and the Agricultural Industry
Brady M.Brady Takes a Hike for Charity
Brian C.Synthesizing Catalysts for Electrolysis
Brian H.Prenatal Nicotine Exposure
Daniel M.The Effectiveness of Retargeting Campaigns
Duncan W.Controllers and BLDC Motors
Eric B.Creating a Program to Find Plantesimals
Erika S.The Butterfly Effect: the 2016 American Presidental Election Edition
Georgie P.Exploring Art Therapy
Griffin O.Hazelnuts: Development of an Animated Series
Isaac D.Electric Bloodhound: Programming Brain Cells to Smell
Ivy M.The Children of Oracle
Jace O.Relaxation and Stress Relief Through Yoga
Jared G.Exploring Genetic Engineering
Jennifer X.APPetizing: Creating an App to Find Restaurants
Jeremiah P.2017: A Space Odyssey
Kayla C.12 Weeks in a Naturopathic Doctor's Shoes
Kaylee P.Marketing for Humanity
Kelsey K.Santa Rita Mine Proposal
Kenneth L.Introduction to Medical Field Anesthesiology
Krystin V.BASIS Oro Valley's First Project Grad
Lara E.The Strength Behind Ballet, in Photographs
Lucas T.Internship at Metal Works Precision Machine Shop
Luis O.Demonstrating the Impact of Good Editing and Directing in Film
Maren E.An Internship in Biomedical Engineering
Matthew S.The Current State of Water Analysis and Treatment
Matthew S.An Insight into the Goals and Workings of the American Legal System
Mea C.With Liberty and Justice for Some: the Systematic Disregard of Native American Religious Freedom, How We Got Here, and How We Can Move Forward
Mitchell B.The Pharmaceutical Research Process
Muhammad Ali K.An Internship in Nephrology
Richard S.Volume and Weight Effects on Strength Training
Ryan H.Multilingual Parsing from Raw Text to Universal Dependencies
Samuel W.The Future of Flying
Stephanie B.Observing Classrooms, Before and After
Tyler K.What's There to See?
Vishnu K.Drug Testing Cures for ALS on Drosophila Models
William F.Exploring Techniques in Art
Student Topic
Adam R.Preventing Airline Accidents
Akanksha M.What is the Real F-Word?
Alonzo B.Theatrical Character Development in Children vs Adults
Arjun B.Health Education: An Issue at a Crossroads
Arjun S.A Study on how Different Acting Techniques Affect Confidence Levels
Brendan M.Dr. Robot: Marrying Engineering and Medicine for the Future
Daria S.A Man's Best Friend? And Helper
DJ M.Leveling Up Cooperation
Doyle B.Music and Memory in Patients with Dementia
Genevieve Q.How High School Culture Affects the Value of Education in Arizona
Ionut (Daniel) T.Academic Achievement Motivation and Conformity
Julia G.Let's Talk About It: Understanding the Science Behind Speech and Language
Landon D.Remote-Control Skies: Airspace Security during the Age of the Drone
Mannat R.Maximization of the Vertical Acceleration of a Quadcopter
Marisa G.From Proteins to Physiology: The Causes and Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury
Nicole M.Injury Profile and Prevention Program
Phillippe Adriane I.The Optimization of Power Consumption of Quadcopters
Sarah A.State-of-the-Art: An Exploration of Traditional Art in Modern Society
Shivaani M.CyberThreat to My Democracy
Student Topic
Alek P.Solving Automotive Design Challenges with CAD and 3D Printing
Anila T.Music and the Brain: How Music Affects our Memories
Ariel T.Business Management Theory in the North American Federation of Temple Youth
Armando C.How Antibodies can be Used to Treat Dengue-Infected Plants
Asfia N.Laser Scanning the Healing Process
Avani V.The Silent Struggle: Public Knowledge and Perception of Major Depressive Disorder
Elizabeth J.The Modern Day Female Engineer
Giacomo M.Fair Redistricting: Preventing Partisan and Racial Gerrymandering in the United States
Ivanna C.The Beauty of Our Desert: Succulents in the Sonoran
Kayla L.Pediatric Orthopedics: Studying Complications Following Spinal Fusion
Kyle G.Big Data and Technology in Healthcare Management
Lucy B.Levels of Fear - Reasoning and Effects
Nicholas T.Textile Fabrics as Structural Materials for Various Aerospace and Civil Applications
Nicolas G.The Importance of Grit in Today's Education System
Nina C.The Refugee Crisis: Stranded in Serbia
Sayish K.Making a Wind Tunnel
Shambhavi M.Autism Spectrum Disorders from a Parent and Patient Perspective
Shreya P.Sliced and Sutured
Shubhangi A.Counting Sheep: The Many Ways Sleep Disorders Lead to Cognitive Impairment
Sydney M.Establishing Optimal Bonding Protocol for Zirconia Dental Restorations
Victoria L.The Design Process: Architectural Implications
Student Topic
Adam W.cYbeR You Not Secure? How to Be Safe in an Online World
Akash S.Finding Value in Snapchat: A Comparable Firms Approach to Social Media IPOs
Amaan M.Europa: The Potential for Life on Jupiter's Icy Moon
Ameya K.Following Up or Follow Through: Physical Therapy and Patient Compliance
Anirudh R.Time to Hit the Gym! Fitness, Stress, and the Immune System
Anjalee J.Family Exome Sequencing
Anthony B.Creating a Brighter Future with Radiotherapy
Ashwath V.From Gene to Protein: Unlocking the Relationship between Mutations and Protein Folding in the LacI Repressor
Audrey E."The Natural Choice: An Exploration of Consumer Responses to Natural and Unnatural Makeup"
Brent A.Seeing Eye to i: Using the iStent to Combat Glaucoma
Brian Z.Whats So Great about Them? An Ethnographic Analysis of High-Achieving Charter Schools
Brian G.When to Water: A Plan Physiological Approach
Carla R.Let's Get Physical: Specialization of Physical Therapy
Catherine O.Surviving Modern Reality Television: A Content Analysis of the Hit Reality TV Show Survivor
Danielle B.The Time to ACT is Now: An Analysis of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Daphne L.Hoping and Coping: The Homeless Population's Experience with Religious Coping
Divya V.Automated Prediction Model for Chemotherapy Treatment Regimens through Molecular and Genomic Feature Selection
Eric Y.Poof: Optimizing Antenna Inflation Times
Frida G.Beyond the Verdict: The Victim's Role in the Criminal Justice System
Gillian T.The PTSDetails: Brain Plasticity and Chronic Stress
Gordon Bruce C.Hypergraph Knowledge Representation of Genomic Anomaly Detection
Grace M.Creating Fantasy: An Analysis of the Family Unit in Disney Films
Grady D.Evaluating Clonal Evolution in Multiple Myeloma Progression through qPCR
Gursajan G.Cultural Deception: An analysis of the "Westernization" of foreign culture in America through Japanese animation.
Jack B.Genes: The Final Frontier
Julia G.Straightening Out the Facts: An In-Depth Look at Patient Response to Osteopathy
Justin T.Scaling It Down: The Influence of Weight Loss on Stem Cell Transplant Patients
Kayvon G.Inner-City Schools: an Exploration into Sustainable Buildings
Kimy L.Colonial Corruption: An Analysis of the Impact of British Patriachal Values on Sri Lanka's Matriarchal Society
Kiri C.It’s All in Your Head: Comparing Structural Brain Changes between Patients with PTH and Healthy Controls
Korina B.The Elephant in the Room: Human Impact on Animal Adaptation
Kristiana K.Elective C-Sections: Cutting out the Negativity
Lauren R.Do You Buy It? Ethics Behind Labeling in the Dermatology Industry
Liam C.Knowledge: What You Need to Know
Lucia W.A Linguistic Analysis of Virtual Anorexia
Luke F.Do You Hear That? Detecting Diseases from Speech Patterns
Manu V.Can Money and Medicine Mesh? The Impact of a Shifting Medical Industry Upon Doctors
Max R.Jacking Up Gambling Behavior: An Exploration of Behavioral Influences on Blackjack Players
Michelle G.How Representatives are Represented: Portrayal of State Legislators in the Media
Nathan J.Cliques and Stones: Relating Minimum Degree to the Optimal Pebbling Number in Graphs
Nichole K.Unearthing the Truth: Disease Patterns and Social Organizations in Nubia
Nicole D.Revisiting Democracy: An Exploration of Athens and America
Rema T.The Neoliberal Warrior: Analyzing the Neoliberal and Feminist Messages of Lululemon's Video Advertisements
Robert P.Putting the Pieces Together: The Puzzle of Special Education
Saara K.Normal yet Stigmatized: An Analysis of Adolescent Reactions to the Marketing of Menstrual Products
Saleenjit K.Psych-Busters: Uncovering the Truth One Disorder at a Time
Sarah H.Building Character and Houses: Youth Outreach for Habitat for Humanity
Serena N.Sleep Deprivation and Schizophrenia
Sergio C.Are You What You Tweet? Evaluating Twitter Through the Social-Cognitive Perspective
Shreya V.Lobbying for Likes: Transforming Social Perceptions of Lobbyists
Spencer V.Inbound Marketing: Proven Methodology for the Digital Age
Srihari I.Need a Hand? A look into Prosthetic Design
Stirling M.Identity Matters: Examining the Efficacy of LGBTQ Youth Programs
Sunskruthi K.Neurofeedback Therapy Viability for ADHD Patients: Adults and Children
Tanmyaa G.Building Boardwalk: Commercial Real Estate Finance and Economic Development
Urmi M.Within Pediatrics: It's a Family Matter
Ved N.Controller the Consumer: An Analysis of Persuasive Birth Control Advertisements on Consumer Choice
Vijay N.Don't be a Square: Magic Square of Squares
Yash P.HemaDrop: Creating Uniform Thin Solid Films for Microliter Blood Analysis
Student Topic
Alex C.Music Chemistry: The K-Pop Formula
Andrei D.The Habitable Zone: NASA Data and our closest neighbors
Annalee H.Behavioral issues in shelter dogs and statistically analyzing adoption patterns
Ben W.Laser Cutter Script
Brendan H.The Habitable Zone: Life Around Other Stars and Creating a Model for Planet Analysis
Cameron B.Cyber Security in an Insecure World
Chris M.Sounds Like Teen Spirit
Christina H.Low-Income Housing and its impacts on Education in Southern Arizona
Daniel C.From Sloughs to Sky Islands: A Photographic Look into the Relationship between Reptiles and Amphibians and the Environments they Inhabit
Dilyn G.Neuroendocrine Pancreatic Center Research
Dun J.Scarlet Letters: Analyzing Electronic Media Communication to Enhance Blood Donations
Ekow B.Songs from Scratch: The Process of Independent Music Production
Eugene W."Time for Dinner": Comparing Similarities in Marketing between Modern-day Meal Delivery Kits and Baby Boomer Era TV Dinners
Garrett M.Analysis and Experience in the Game Design Field
Geneva S.Behavioral Issues and Grief in Middle School Students
Hailyn Y.Young & Trendy
Hannah P.Landscape Design and Conservation
Isabella B.Healthcare, Policy, and Politics
Jared H.Label Free Molecular Sensors
Javier J.100% Engagement: Effects of Discovery Learning and Transformational Leadership on engagement levels of high school students
Jonathan R.Making Virtual Reality a Reality
Julia M.Investigation into Methods of Design Transfer to Textiles
Jylian G.Spatial Memory Deficits in Aging Rats
Kumai A.Exoplanet Exploration
Luann Z.Tech Savvy: Security Awareness of Smartphone Users
Marian K.Brain and Behavior of Patients with Parkinson's Disease
Michael V.Virtual Reality and Varsity Jackets
Nupur P.Social Anxiety and School Performance
Pablo V.Engineering: More than Nuts and Bolts
Paige H.A Study in Preventative Photographic Conservation and Digital Preservation
Rafael J.To Kill or Not To Kill: Moral Foundation Theory and Moral Dilmmeas in VIdeo Games
Seth M.Determining the characteristics and sustainability of Carbon-Linked Glycolipids as Surfactants
Sharon V.MACRA and MIPS in a Medical Business
Susan H.Restorative Justice and Media Manipulation
Susana M.How to trend on YouTube: One Model Away from Becoming a Famous Vlogger?
Sydnie G.Emergency Medicine Vs. Primary Care Practices
Tiffany P.Stranger Things
Veronica M.Graphic Novels for Education

Senior Projects: 2016

Christian S.

BASIS Oro Valley Class of 2016

Evelyn S.

BASIS Oro Valley Class of 2016

Nandini S.

BASIS Phoenix Class of 2016

Martha K.

BASIS Tucson North Class of 2016

Rachel K.

BASIS Flagstaff Class of 2016

Rohini N.

BASIS Chandler Class of 2016

Alex N.

BASIS Phoenix Class of 2016