Jack B. – BASIS Scottsdale

BASIS Scottsdale Senior Jack B.

Genes: The Final Frontier

Project/blog link: Genes: The Final Frontier
BASIS Advisor: Mr. Chadwick Carey
Internship location: HonorHealth Scottsdale Shea Medical Center
Onsite Mentor: Dr. Atul Lalani, Endrocrinologist

Project Abstract (2017)

The wonderful and complex world of medicine is always changing to fit new understandings of how doctors should treat their patients. The field of medicine used to operate on the principle that one medication could work for the same illness in everyone; however, with advances in our understanding of the human body, the need for individualized care is more evident than ever. The First Vitals study is an experiment being carried out at several sites nationally; it aims to take into account an individual’s unique genetic code when prescribing a treatment to ensure that the patient receives the best care possible. Intrigued by this new way of thinking about healthcare, I am interning at HonorHealth Scottsdale Shea Center in the endocrinology department where they are participating in the First Vitals study. I am helping with the research process by inputting data and assisting with various other tasks such as swabbing the patients’ mouths for DNA collection. Ultimately, the goal of this study is to redefine what it means for patients to recieve individualized care.

Genes: The Final Frontier