Nicole D. – BASIS Scottsdale

BASIS Scottsdale Senior Nicole D.

Revisiting Democracy: An Exploration of Athens and America

Project/blog link: Revisiting Democracy: An Exploration of Athens and America
BASIS Advisor: Ms. Lauren Brooks
Internship location: Senator Jeff Flake's Phoenix Office
Onsite Mentor: Mr. Blake Farnsworth, Constituent Services Representative

Project Abstract (2017)

The history of democracy can be traced back to ancient Athens, and though the United States is a republic, democratic values exist at its heart. Using Classical civilizations as a point of context, this project examines the relation between infrastructure and political efficacy. I look to various regions of the United States, with an emphasis on Arizona, to explore this connection. My research aims to determine how certain resources affect political participation and citizens’ belief in their government’s legitimacy. Through constituent interviews, the aid of Senator Flake’s staff, as well as the examination of academic papers in the field, this project takes a step toward understanding the link between democracy and the resources available to citizens. The result will be a proposal of how best to understand and solve the problems related to political efficacy in areas with poor or deteriorating infrastructure, particularly in regards to the internet. Ultimately, this project aims to add a new weight to the importance of infrastructure by tying it to voter turnout, while adding additional pressure for a solution.

Revisiting Democracy: An Exploration of Athens and America