Lauren R. – BASIS Scottsdale

BASIS Scottsdale Senior Lauren R.

Do You Buy It? Ethics Behind Labeling in the Dermatology Industry

Project/blog link: Do You Buy It? Ethics Behind Labeling in the Dermatology Industry
BASIS Advisor: Dr. Allison Scaling
Internship location: Dermache Labs & Imiloa Skin Care Creations
Onsite Mentor: Ms. Erin Wright; Mr. Kerwin Yamanaka, Marketing Manager; Manager and Cosmetic Formula Consultant

Project Abstract (2017)

Do you buy it? What impact does product labeling play in consumer behavior? There are certain standards that companies must meet to be able to use specific labels, but these standards might not always mean what consumers may innocently assume. For instance, is a product labeled ‘all natural’ solely made of natural ingredients, or does it only hit benchmark levels? In my project I am looking at the ethics behind labeling on dermatology product through my internships with both Dermarche Labs, an up-and-coming dermatology products company, and Imiloa Skin Care Solutions, a dermatology product development company. At Imiloa Skin Care Solutions, I am creating two new skincare formulations, and I am also designing graphics for packaging. Surveying a large populous of millennials will help answer if dermatological products’ packaging impacts consumer purchasing behaviors. I am excited to explore a potential career in marketing chemical products. I am confident that this research will reveal a novel part of consumer behavior, specifically regarding how labeling may be a larger determinant than ingredients when it comes to consumer purchases. A larger question I am hoping to answer is if consumers are actually affected by these labels. After considering consumer responses to my survey, I want to see if consumers actually use these labels to impact their purchasing behaviors. In turn, I hope to determine if dermatology companies can use specific labeling strategies to influence consumer purchases, both ethically and unethically.

Do You Buy It? Ethics Behind Labeling in the Dermatology Industry