Carla R. – BASIS Scottsdale

BASIS Scottsdale Senior Carla R.

Let's Get Physical: Specialization of Physical Therapy

Project/blog link: Let's Get Physical: Specialization of Physical Therapy
BASIS Advisor: Ms. Erika Stender
Internship location: CAP Physical Therapy
Onsite Mentor: Dr. Ryan Jeschien, DPT

Project Abstract (2017)

In the 21st century, physical therapy has been in increasing demand, especially for sports-related injuries, arthritic pain, and post-operative recovery. Physical therapy entails more constant doctor-patient interaction, a type of relationship which generates a necessary specialization for each individual patient’s rehabilitation. By incorporating both the therapist and patients’ opinions and ideas into the therapy process, regimens differ per patient depending on their ability, comfort, and pain levels. In order to look further into the specialization of knee and hip injuries (specifically Iliotibial Band Syndrome, Anterior Cruciate Ligament repairs, and total hip replacements), the methodology applied in this research will be primarily observational - reading charts which describe the exercises needed, watching therapists guide patients or alter their programs, etc. Based on the factors which influence the individualized formulation of therapies, a distinct universality for the therapist-patient relationship in regards will be realized. As the physical therapy field benefits a wide range of patients, the specialization and individuation of knee and hip therapies allowed must be considered in the context of each patient’s long-term benefit and recovery time. It is likely that increased regimen specification based on injury type, age, and physical ability combined with a deeper patient understanding of the therapists’ reasoning will result in a more long lasting and time efficient physical therapy practice.

Let's Get Physical: Specialization of Physical Therapy