Alonzo B. – BASIS Peoria

BASIS Peoria Senior Alonzo B.

Theatrical Character Development in Children vs Adults

Project/blog link: Theatrical Character Development in Children vs Adults
BASIS Advisor: Kathryn Grilliot
Internship location: BASIS Peoria
Onsite Mentor: Kathryn Grilliot, Sid Adams, Theater Teacher

Project Abstract (2017)

Studies have often asked whether children are inherently more creative and imaginative than adults in literary or artistic settings. But what about the realm of the theatre? Every actor goes through some kind of process when deciding how to present their character in a performance. Some may imagine a background story for the role in question. Others might analyze the script, searching for clues to the character’s motivations and personality. Researchers studying this process have discovered the influence that certain psychological traits, such as a strong sense of empathy, have on an actor’s ability to successfully portray each new character. This project seeks to explore the variations in characterization processes across different age groups (5th grade-Adult), with special consideration of the psychological factors involved. Data is collected via a curated survey, which was designed to measure the frequency of several characterization methods and to gauge the effect of empathy and imaginative thinking on the final performed result. I expect that results will indicate the benefits of including theatre in the larger educational process.

Theatrical Character Development in Children vs Adults