Arjun B. – BASIS Peoria

BASIS Peoria Senior Arjun B.

Health Education: An Issue at a Crossroads

Project/blog link: Health Education: An Issue at a Crossroads
BASIS Advisor: Dr. Georgi
Internship location: Bloom365
Onsite Mentor: Donna Bartos, Executive Director

Project Abstract (2017)

The purpose of this research is to better understand the current state of health education for youth in Arizona. Arizona currently ranks in the top fifteen for teen STD contraction and teen pregnancy. On a national scale, one in three teens faces dating violence and rape in their adolescence. For my research, I will survey teenagers about a variety of topics regarding health and sex in order to better understand their current comprehension. I will then survey them again following their health education. The research should indicate the benefit of a comprehensive health education. By demonstrating the deficiencies and successes of health education, I will be able to create a curriculum that would foster safer and more responsible decision-making for teens.

Health Education: An Issue at a Crossroads