Doyle B. – BASIS Peoria

BASIS Peoria Senior Doyle B.

Music and Memory in Patients with Dementia

Project/blog link: Music and Memory in Patients with Dementia
BASIS Advisor: Mr. Kwit
Internship location: Scottsdale Memory Care
Onsite Mentor: Michelle/Lisa, Doctor

Project Abstract (2017)

This research project is meant to provide an answer to the question: does being around music affect retention in memory loss patients? The goal is to determine if music has any effect, and if so, whether or not there is a pattern among the patients which shows that music is either beneficial or damaging. This research project focuses on patients with dementia, a degenerative brain disorder which inhibits memory as the patient gets older. Dementia affects each person differently, and progresses at different rates. I am conducting my research through volunteering in a memory care facility that supports individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s, and by talking with the residents there and observing their reactions to music. There does seem so far to be a general positive reaction to live music, indicating that there could be a positive effect on these people’s memory as a result of music. This research is significant as it hopefully will indicate that music can act as a retention therapy, resulting in better, clearer memories of patients’ past and present, and perhaps even as a method of combating developing memory loss.

Music and Memory in Patients with Dementia