Shivaani M. – BASIS Peoria

BASIS Peoria Senior Shivaani M.

CyberThreat to My Democracy

Project/blog link: CyberThreat to My Democracy
BASIS Advisor: Kim Heinzer
Internship location: 7016 W Blackhawk Dr Glendale, AZ 85308
Onsite Mentor: Dee Narla, Business Owner

Project Abstract (2017)

With the news coverage during the election of 2016 and the decline of investigative journalism, fake news has greatly influenced political discourse. The purpose of my project is to create the blueprint for a fact-checking app that cross-references information from a possible false article, with other news articles from credible sources. This app is my solution to stopping the spread of fake news. Most Americans get their news from different social media platforms and this is the reason why fake news continues to spread. Using people's dependency on technology, rather than fighting against it, will be the key to decreasing the circulation of fake news. While there are great fake news checker websites available on the Internet, there are no such apps. Furthermore, app security would play a key role as it would be easy for fake news articles to merge into the list containing the credible sources. In order to better understand why fake news continues to circulate, I will be surveying the next generation of adults about where they get most of their news. I hope to use the data I gather from this survey to support why such an app needs to be created. My research about fake news, app development, and app security will be useful in minimizing the effect fake news has on politics.

CyberThreat to My Democracy