Nicole M. – BASIS Peoria

BASIS Peoria Senior Nicole M.

Injury Profile and Prevention Program

Project/blog link: Injury Profile and Prevention Program
BASIS Advisor: Dr. Georgi
Internship location: Foothills Sports Medicine
Onsite Mentor: Itamar Stern

Project Abstract (2017)

Can dance injuries be prevented before the injury is treated at a physical therapy office? Every dance studio has different methods to train their dancers. As a result, each studio also has a unique set of injuries that are common among their dancers. By tracking the injuries at a dance studio, the data will reveal the common weaknesses in the studio's training. With this information, dance teachers can add exercises that will strengthen the commonly weak muscles and decrease the rate of injury. To gather the data, dancers, teachers, and studio owners will be answering different surveys to gather information on how the dancers are trained and how the dancers are getting injured. Once the surveys are analyzed, I will give each studio back their results along with exercises to strengthen the weak points in their training. Overall most dance injuries are overuse injuries that in part can be avoided. Hopefully by revealing the studio’s weaknesses, the dance studio can help prevent injuries in young dancers, so their students can have the opportunity to dance well into their adult life.

Injury Profile and Prevention Program