Akanksha M. – BASIS Peoria

BASIS Peoria Senior Akanksha M.

What is the Real F-Word?

Project/blog link: What is the Real F-Word?
BASIS Advisor: Ms. Ainslie
Internship location: National Organization for Women
Onsite Mentor: Kathryn Baumgardner

Project Abstract (2017)

In a world divided by polarization (and the perception of polarization) in the news and social media, getting neutral information has become a struggle. My project attemps to combine journalism, social media studies, and gender studies-- I want to find a way to disseminate information about feminism without any negative stigma. To accomplish this goal, I surveyed a variety of adults who regularly employ social media, and focused my efforts on a particular group. Hopefully, my efforts to spread reliable information without any strong bias will not only aid my peers in understanding the dangers of narrow-minded perception, but will also encourage more open and safe discussion of previously controversial and avoided topics.

What is the Real F-Word?