DJ M. – BASIS Peoria

BASIS Peoria Senior DJ M.

Leveling Up Cooperation

Project/blog link: Leveling Up Cooperation
BASIS Advisor: Andrew Estes
Internship location: BASIS Peoria
Onsite Mentor: Jayme Dunn, Director of Student Affairs

Project Abstract (2017)

The purpose of this study is to determine whether or not there is a correlation between team-based video games and cooperation, and to understand how to cultivate that relationship if there is one. During the course of the experiment, groups of fifth grade students in Late Bird, the BASIS Peoria afterschool program, volunteered as participants and were organized into two groups. The first group of students were exposed daily to a multi-player, team-based video game called Vainglory; the other group played different games. Since cooperation is not an easily measurable quantity, data for the experiment came statistics from physical teamwork-based activities that students in both groups also participated in. The anticipated outcome of the research would be that team-based video games do enhance a person’s cooperative skills. With an understanding of this research, cooperative skills can be better cultivated and developed for generations of people so that teamwork in schools, businesses, and other communities can be greatly enhanced.

Leveling Up Cooperation