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BASIS Peoria Senior Ionut (Daniel) T.

Academic Achievement Motivation and Conformity

Project/blog link: Academic Achievement Motivation and Conformity
BASIS Advisor: Andy Estes
Internship location: ASU
, Professor

Project Abstract (2017)

My project examines achievement motivation and how it relates to conformity. Achievement motivation is an individual's need to achieve. Atkinson (1957) made a distinction between two components of achievement motivation: the need for success and the fear of failure. Whether or not people are motivated to achieve, they have specific aims around achievement and approaches to success. This is where goal-orientations come in. There are four goal-orientation variables: performance-approach, performance-avoidance, mastery-approach, and mastery-approach. However, many authors feel we should consider achievement goals as having two parts: what and why. Therefore, they have suggested autonomous and controlling reasons for pursuing goals—autonomous being mostly internal and controlling being largely external to the individual. Michou et al. (2014) studied these goal orientations and reasons, and found links between the need for achievement, Map goals, Pap goals, and autonomous reasons; as well as fear of failure and Pap goals, Pav goals, and controlling reasons. In this study, I would like to see if these links hold up through overlaying conformity as a variable. Conformity is the act of changing one's behavior to fit into a group. This study will specifically try to correlate achievement motivation with achievement goals and reasons, and conformity.

Academic Achievement Motivation and Conformity