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BASIS Chandler Senior John B.

E-CVT: The Next Generation of SAE Transmissions

Project/blog link: E-CVT: The Next Generation of SAE Transmissions
BASIS Advisor: Mr. Matthew Smith
Internship location: ASU Polytechnic Campus
Onsite Mentor: Mr. James Contes , Senior Lecturer, Polytechnic School of Engineering

Project Abstract (2017)

The ASU Polytechnic campus houses a Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Baja team, in which students take part in the design and construction of a fully-functioning off-road car. Every spring the team enters their new car into competitions against Baja teams from other colleges. For my project, I will be working with a team on developing new technology to convert a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) from a mechanical system to an electrical one. A mechanical CVT uses a belt system to keep the car in an optimal gear while driving. The goal of an E-CVT is to significantly increase the output of the car’s transmission by reducing the amount of time spent at lower-than-peak efficiency. If our endeavor succeeds, ASU will become the first university in the nation to have their team implement an electronic CVT (E-CVT). This project focuses on how the E-CVT was designed, and on just how advantageous it will prove to be in the Baja competition.

E-CVT: The Next Generation of SAE Transmissions