Vijeeth G. – BASIS Chandler

BASIS Chandler Senior Vijeeth G.

Expanding the Frontiers of Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy

Project/blog link: Expanding the Frontiers of Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy
BASIS Advisor: Mr. Matthew Cole
Internship location: Anicell Biotech
Onsite Mentor: Mr. Brandon Ames, President/CEO

Project Abstract (2017)

The largest growth spurt we experience isn’t when we’re 12 or 13 – it’s the nine months we spend in the womb, rapidly growing and developing. AniCell Biotech capitalizes on this fact, collecting amnion and amniotic fluid during animal birth and using them to produce stem cell-based treatments for otherwise unhealable wounds. Primarily focused on animal wounds at the moment, their product has generated tremendous results, greatly reducing the risk of infection and the need for euthanizations by bringing about quick and effective healing. As displayed by AniCell’s success, stem cells have tremendous potential to be an integral part of medicine’s future. My project takes inspiration from this and attempts to slowly expand the applications of stem cells, possibly starting with the improvement of existing treatments. By conducting independent research on stem cell therapy while simultaneously experiencing AniCell's collection and production process, we can effectively explore this subject, observing the efficiency of existing treatments and linking them to studies on stem cell utilization. A few decades ago, stem cell therapy was an unimaginable concept, but now, it could very well be an important part of our futures, and is worth examining further.

Expanding the Frontiers of Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy