Rachael K. – BASIS Chandler

BASIS Chandler Senior Rachael K.

Building a Sensory Garden

Project/blog link: Building a Sensory Garden
BASIS Advisor: Ms. Theresa Gburek
Internship location: Chandler Environmental Center
Onsite Mentor: Ms. Daniella Rodriguez, Recreation Coordinator

Project Abstract (2017)

Sensory gardens are composed to appeal to all five senses. Each plant is specifically chosen based on what it will bring to the overall atmosphere of the garden, whether that is a beautiful scent in the spring, a brilliant color in the dead of winter, or even the relaxing sound of birds chirping in the trees. The challenge of building such a garden is in choosing and caring for the plants, especially in Arizona's scorching, arid conditions. So each plant must be meticulously curated not only for what it brings to the garden but also for its ability to survive. Sensory gardens can be of great use to communities since they bring social benefits, and can also be used for therapeutic purposes like helping those with sensory processing disorders. On par with the mission of the Environmental Education Center, the garden I will create for my project is proposed to be completely inclusive: every visitor can enjoy at least part of what the garden has to offer.

Building a Sensory Garden