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Trends of Declining Teen Driving Accidents and What To Do Next

Project/blog link: Trends of Declining Teen Driving Accidents and What To Do Next
BASIS Advisor: Dr. Peter Delannoy
Internship location: Phoenix Children's Hospital
Onsite Mentor: Dr. Lois Sayrs, Director of Research, ASU Center for Child Well-Being, Evaluation Methodologist

Project Abstract (2017)

Accidents caused by teen driving have been on a decline since the introduction of the Graduated Driver’s License (GDL). The GDL puts restrictions on new drivers under the age of 18 for the first six months of vehicle operation. These restrictions limit distractions, including other people in the car by allowing only one passenger until those first six months are over (with exceptions such as family members). The GDL has shown empirical success for its duration until the last 4 years, when there has been another rise of accidents. This project will tackle this upward trend in order to prevent casualty through availability change and political change. The first step is to gather data to create a correlation of Trauma Center certification to teen driving accidents to observe how hospital organizations are reacting to these accidents. The data collected comes from previous the trauma center certification websites, through public means, and from the Phoenix Children’s Hospital database. The second step is to search the correlations throughout each state and create a change in our governmental policy to lower the rate of teen driving accidents again. This project will be completed through data collection and empirical analysis in order to give resounding information to the state legislature in order to strive for a change that will keep our upcoming generation, our future leaders, safe.

Trends of Declining Teen Driving Accidents and What To Do Next