Robert W. – BASIS Chandler

BASIS Chandler Senior Robert W.

SAE Baja Engineering with Soildworks 3D Modeling

Project/blog link: SAE Baja Engineering with Soildworks 3D Modeling
BASIS Advisor: Mr. Robert Cash
Internship location: ASU Polytechnic Campus
Onsite Mentor: Mr. James Contes , Senior Lecturer, Polytechnic School of Engineering

Project Abstract (2017)

Arizona State University’s mini Baja racing team fabricates 99% percent of the new car every year, including parts like chassis, power train, and break systems. Before the team even begins fabricating, however, countless hours are spent designing and modeling the pieces to ensure durability to withstand the extreme forces that the cars undergo while racing in the events like the rock crawl, the acceleration test, and the four-hour endurance course. To do this, the team uses Solidworks. Using this program, this project will document data on stresses of individual parts of the car as well as the documentation and replication of as much of the car as possible. The first step of my project will be to get more familiar with the car and program. More exact measurements of the car will need to be taken so that the car can be replicated in the Solidworks program. The second step will come when the car is completed and enters its testing phase before competition. The strength testing in the Solidworks program will be compared to the testing in the field.

SAE Baja Engineering with Soildworks 3D Modeling