Genevieve W. – BASIS Chandler

BASIS Chandler Senior Genevieve W.

The Correlation Between Outreach Events and Sales

Project/blog link: The Correlation Between Outreach Events and Sales
BASIS Advisor: Mrs. Teva Clark
Internship location: Slalom Consulting
Onsite Mentor: Mr. Jim Sikora , General Manager

Project Abstract (2017)

Companies are always looking to increase their sales and profits, whether that means selling goods or providing services to paying consumers. While interning with Slalom Phoenix this past summer, the office held a technologies training session to which they invited many current and prospective clients. By inviting those outside their own office to participate in the training event, they allowed for more people to learn about their company and in turn may have increased their sales. If there is a correlation between holding events like technologies training sessions and an increase in sales, then a company could use such events as an effective marketing strategy to increase company profits and build relationships with current and potential clientele. The goal for my project is to find if there is a significant correlation between holding events and increase in sales. My research will use Slalom Phoenix’s sales and events data to determine if there is convincing evidence of a significant correlation between sales and outreach through the use of Excel and Minitab programs to manipulate to into normalized and analyzable data.

The Correlation Between Outreach Events and Sales