Amy Z. – BASIS Chandler

BASIS Chandler Senior Amy Z.

Empirical Analysis of Nature's Cellual Designs

Project/blog link: Empirical Analysis of Nature's Cellual Designs
BASIS Advisor: Dr. Patricia Pearson
Internship location: Phoenix Analysis & Design Technologies
Onsite Mentor: Dr. Dhruv Bhate, Senior Technologist

Project Abstract (2017)

From Velcro to bullet trains, biomimicry is seen everywhere in modern technology. Research is expanding the potential of biomimicry by studying the cellular shape and structure of animal shells. Based on these shells, engineers can potentially improve industrial curved surfaces such as aircrafts and submarines for better mechanical performance while lowering material and environmental costs. Structural research could be of interest to the aerospace, automotive and larger manufacturing industries. My research explore the feasibility of establishing a mathematical relationship between an animal shell’s geometry and the shape and size of the cells that comprise it. Through a combination of 3D scanning, 3D printed models, and reading to gather data, my goal is to find an empirical explanation for the differences in cellular shape between similar species of animals.

Empirical Analysis of Nature's Cellual Designs