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BASIS Chandler Senior Irene Z.

Stem Cell Applications in Nerve Cell Regeneration

Project/blog link: Stem Cell Applications in Nerve Cell Regeneration
BASIS Advisor: Dr. Karyn Fought
Internship location: Anicell Biotech
Onsite Mentor: Mr. Brandon Ames, President/CEO

Project Abstract (2017)

Nerve cell regeneration is a field of research constantly changing and improving, with stem cell applications as a part of the most cutting-edge research. Neuroregeneration has applications in all kinds of injuries, disorders, and disabilities. Like all science, the solution isn’t straightforward. Stem cells used to try to stimulate growth and repair parts of the nervous system, especially the central nervous system, often do not function properly. The question is, why? In relation to my internship with AniCell Biotech, a startup company that specializes in amniotic stem cell products for veterinary use, this project researches the complexities of stem cells and neuroregeneration. This includes studying applications of stem cells in other fields of medical research and why they work in other treatments, the current biggest issues with nerve cell regeneration and its effects on the body, and how stem cells can or cannot contribute to nerve cell regeneration and why. By better understanding such questions and their answers, we could make our way to some sense of clarity in such a complicated topic, fully appreciating the intricacies of clinical research and science, in all its difficult glory.

Stem Cell Applications in Nerve Cell Regeneration