Elijah P. – BASIS Ahwatukee

BASIS Ahwatukee Senior Elijah P.

BASIS: A Cultural Perspective

Project/blog link: BASIS: A Cultural Perspective
BASIS Advisor: Mrs. Natalie Wilcoxen
Internship location: BASIS D.C.
Onsite Mentor: Mrs. Heather Vita, Head of Operations

Project Abstract (2017)

With the number of charter schools in the United States on the rise, students and families face an incredible diversity of choice when selecting a competitive high school program. The BASIS academic program was first introduced by Michael and Olga Block when they opened BASIS Tucson in 1998. Over the last 18 years, BASIS has dominated lists of the most rigorous high school programs in the country. By interviewing students and faculty at both the Washington, D.C. and Ahwatukee campuses, I hope to establish and articulate what school culture exists on these different campuses and how this school culture affects the academic, social, or personal needs of its students. Conducting this research will provide students and faculty an opportunity to reflect on the BASIS experience while also providing insight into what makes the BASIS model unique both in an Arizona and Washington, D.C. context.

BASIS: A Cultural Perspective