Kalina C. – BASIS Flagstaff

BASIS Flagstaff Senior Kalina  C.

Species Conservation in the Seychelles

Project/blog link: Species Conservation in the Seychelles
BASIS Advisor: Chris Bayer
Internship location: Global Vision International - Seychelles
Onsite Mentor: Brooklyn Norton, Country Expert

Project Abstract (2017)

Everybody hears about global warming, but few have a chance to see evidence. I found an opportunity to look at climate change on a more local level in the Seychelles, an archipelago off the eastern coast of Africa, by investigating how global warming affects individual species and communities. This includes studying sea turtle hatchling success rate, lemon shark population growth, Coco de Mer reproduction rate, mangroves’ adaptation to water temperature changes, and the survival rate of giant tortoises, as well as profiling beaches to measure the amount of lost beach with rising water levels. I am also getting the chance to immerse myself with the local communities and to learn how the changes have affected the daily life of a Seychellois local. I chose the Seychelles because although small, the islands are home to a collection of endemic species and unique culture that will be lost with the submersion of the islands due to rising water levels. With my research I hope to discover some of the different changes species have to make in order to survive. I also hope to raise awareness of the immediate danger that global climate change has and I want to make a difference by working with companies like the SNPA (Seychelles National Park Authority) and TRAS (Terrestrial Recreation Association of the Seychelles).

Species Conservation in the Seychelles