Jessica G. – BASIS Mesa

BASIS Mesa Senior Jessica G.

Sustainable Agricultural Techniques in Guatemala

Project/blog link: Sustainable Agricultural Techniques in Guatemala
BASIS Advisor: Stephanie Anderson
Internship location: Asociacion Ninos del Mundo
Onsite Mentor: Leonel Aragon

Project Abstract (2017)

Agriculture is a massively important aspect of human life—humanity needs it for sustenance; it occupies a large part of the world’s economy; and it occupies 38% of Earth’s land. Therefore, it is essential that as the human population increases and requires more food, farmers and farming companies utilize more sustainable, more efficient agricultural techniques. With this goal of increasing agricultural sustainability, I have travelled to Antigua, Guatemala, a town surrounded by mountains that are covered in farms. I visited seven farms, one of which was an experimental farm. This farm employs sustainable methods such as hydroponics and polyculture farming, using multiple crops in the same space. My research also involves using these sustainable techniques in a community garden for Asociacion Ninos del Mundo, a school for impoverished children. As Guatemala is a developing country and largely depends on agriculture, this research teaches a community about sustainable farming and gathers data on the techniques that are being employed in Guatemala. With more research projects such as this around the world, humanity will be on track to reduce our environmental impact and provide food for the entirety of the human population.

Sustainable Agricultural Techniques in Guatemala