Danial S. – BASIS Mesa

BASIS Mesa Senior Danial S.

The Quantum World

Project/blog link: The Quantum World
BASIS Advisor: Ian Allen
Internship location: BASIS Mesa
Onsite Mentor: Dr. Hen, Researcher at Information Sciences Institute at USC

Project Abstract (2017)

The classical computer revolution changed the way we process information, allowing rapid-fire communication and a broader spread of ideas than ever before. It is predicted that, within the next few decades, a similar revolution will occur in quantum computation. While classical computers impacted the way in which general society interacted and experienced the world, quantum computers are more likely to have an impact in how we solve computationally difficult problems-- they are a new type of supercomputer, rather than a new personal computer. These computationally difficult problems include areas such as protein folding, space travel, and other optimization issues. For my project, I am studying a type of quantum computer – the DWave. The DWave is unique in that it is the first device that is purported to utilize quantum effects in its computations. I am interested in studying if the DWave beats classical computers in terms of efficiency, and if the DWave actually is using quantum mechanical effects. I am also interested in examining the types of problems that the DWave may be applied to. What will be the usefulness of quantum computers in the future? What types of problems will they allow us to solve? How will they impact the way we live? This project explores these questions, and the applications of supercomputer use.

The Quantum World