Stephanie B. – BASIS Oro Valley

BASIS Oro Valley Senior Stephanie B.

Observing Classrooms, Before and After

Project/blog link: Observing Classrooms, Before and After
BASIS Advisor: Elizabeth Wheeler
Internship location: University of Arizona
Onsite Mentor: Willam R. Roth, Director of Teach Arizona

Project Abstract (2017)

This project is designed to better understand how new teachers can best work in the classroom. While teaching is a respected profession in our society, novice teachers often struggle from a lack of resources or guidance, with twenty percent of new teachers at low-income schools leaving their positions within two years. As a hopeful future teacher, I want to know how best to prepare myself for the classroom environment and how to be the best teacher I can be. To determine useful information for new teachers, I will interview student teachers, or students of the Teach Arizona graduate program at the University of Arizona, and their cooperating teachers, or veterans who have had more experience working with students. Before interviews, however, I will observe the classrooms of the cooperating teachers in order to see how the choices and actions of the more experienced teachers affect their classroom, and get to know both the student teachers and veteran teachers better. I expect to find that more classroom time, feedback from experienced professionals, and observing others’ classrooms are incredibly valuable for developing skill and confidence in the classroom. I hope to learn what veteran teachers have found most useful and important in their jobs, and what lessons they can pass on to aspiring teachers.

Observing Classrooms, Before and After