Brian C. – BASIS Oro Valley

BASIS Oro Valley Senior Brian C.

Synthesizing Catalysts for Electrolysis

Project/blog link: Synthesizing Catalysts for Electrolysis
BASIS Advisor: Robert Lee
Internship location: University of Arizona
Onsite Mentor: Dr. Dennis Lichtenberger, Professor at the UofA

Project Abstract (2017)

Obtaining and storing energy will always be a problem. There is a demand for machines to be faster and stronger, and that requires more energy. Hydrogen fuel cells will be able to provide this energy in a compact and safe manner. This research will focus on testing a Molybdenum complex that lowers the cost of making the Hydrogen, for the fuel cells. Hydrogen fuel cells’ waste is water vapor, which can be collected and used to create more hydrogen, or can be used as a clean water source. This makes them environmentally friendly, and reusable if we use the water to make more hydrogen. I am creating the Molybdenum complex in lab, so it can be tested for its efficiency in lowering the power required to make Hydrogen through electrolysis. I am doing this by learning how to create reactions in a waterless and Oxygenless environment. I expect my contribution will further the understanding of the Molybdenum complex and its properties as a catalyst for electroscopy in the scientific community.

Synthesizing Catalysts for Electrolysis