Maren E. – BASIS Oro Valley

BASIS Oro Valley Senior Maren E.

An Internship in Biomedical Engineering

Project/blog link: An Internship in Biomedical Engineering
BASIS Advisor: Cynthia Blackey
Internship location: UMC Heart Center
Onsite Mentor: John J. Jackson Sr., Assistant Director, Heart Center UMC

Project Abstract (2017)

Although medical technologies play an extremely large role in our lives, biomedical engineering has only recently become popular, and it is still considered a growing field. Because of this, there is a lack of understanding about how life-saving technologies are developed. This project involves interning at the Sarver Heart Center at UMC to observe the projects that are currently being developed in the lab, with the purpose of discovering how biomedical engineering is applied in a real-world setting. I will shadow research technicians and help with some of the more basic projects that are being developed. This internship reveals the intersection of engineering and medicine beyond the theoretical. Through this internship I expect to be able to develop a more well-rounded understanding of the field, which is something that I can take with me as I study biomedical engineering in college.

An Internship in Biomedical Engineering