Lara E. – BASIS Oro Valley

BASIS Oro Valley Senior Lara E.

The Strength Behind Ballet, in Photographs

Project/blog link: The Strength Behind Ballet, in Photographs
BASIS Advisor: Leigh Preuss
Internship location: Artifact Dance Company
Onsite Mentor: Katelyn Hill, Professional Dancer

Project Abstract (2017)

Ballerinas are experts at creating the illusion of floating and gliding through the air, of making themselves seem weightless as they drift on the tops of their feet; they are the epitome of grace. Yet, in reality, it’s not as easy as they make it look. Ballerinas are trained for years in their field, building up incredible muscle strength, learning to hide the pain that stings in their feet, creating the illusion of grace that the audience desires. In my senior project, a photography project, I want to expose just that. Throughout the time of this project, I am working in conjunction with Artifact Dance Company and dance photographer Ed Flores, using various lighting techniques in photography, to demonstrate the pain and strength needed in the disciplined art of ballet.

The Strength Behind Ballet, in Photographs