William F. – BASIS Oro Valley

BASIS Oro Valley Senior William F.

Exploring Techniques in Art

Project/blog link: Exploring Techniques in Art
BASIS Advisor: Jennifer Watson
Internship location: The University of Arizona Health Sciences
Onsite Mentor: Linda Allyn, Artist

Project Abstract (2017)

As an artist myself, I can sympathize with how artists sometimes find it difficult to gather inspiration for their work. With this in mind, I wanted to experience a different type of artistic medium with the idea that I could incorporate some new techniques into my typical methods. My Senior Project is interning at Fire Ranch Glassworks in Catalina with local artisan Lynda Allyn and in learning several techniques from her with three-dimensional artwork, a skill I have not yet developed. I am learning the basics of glass blowing and plan to create multimedia pieces of work. Currently, we are putting molten glass onto canvas to create burn marks which I can then work around to develop into unique works of art. I have a lot of experience with two-dimensional work, taking art as an elective every year of high school, but introducing the methods I learn from three-dimensional work can help my art stand out. I hope to present a way for upcoming artists to design with different principals in mind.

Exploring Techniques in Art