Kelsey K. – BASIS Oro Valley

BASIS Oro Valley Senior Kelsey K.

Santa Rita Mine Proposal

Project/blog link: Santa Rita Mine Proposal
BASIS Advisor: Tarah Santilli
Internship location: Save the Scenic Santa Ritas
Onsite Mentor: Greg Shinsky, Board of Directors

Project Abstract (2017)

For my Senior Project I am researching the outcomes, both economic and financial, of the Rosemont Santa Rita Copper Mine Proposal. There are several circulating notions surrounding this topic; many are vague or contradictory, so most of the public is unaware of what is fact and what is fiction. The outcomes of this proposal have direct impacts on the city of Tucson and the surrounding areas, so it is important that the citizens have complete and correct facts. In an attempt to find the most facts and to be as unbiased as possible, I have secured contacts with both a group opposing the mine and with people in the company that is producing the mine, and even a few professors at the University of Arizona, who will help me to understand how the mine will affect the environment and how open pit mining really works. My goal in all of this is to find the most correct facts about the mine and the impacts it will have on the city and its surrounding areas, as this affects peoples’ homes. Community members deserve to have all of the correct knowledge of what exactly is going on in their own backyards.

Santa Rita Mine Proposal