Tyler K. – BASIS Oro Valley

BASIS Oro Valley Senior Tyler K.

What's There to See?

Project/blog link: What's There to See?
BASIS Advisor: Peter Newbegin
Internship location: University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory
Onsite Mentor: Dr. Tom Zega, U of A Planetary Materials Research Group

Project Abstract (2017)

Space is a mysterious place. It is full of unanswered questions and phenomena that scientists still try to answer today. That is why the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona studies samples of dust from space. At the LPL, scientists look at samples of space dust under microscopes. Details from space dust can tell us a number of things: what, when, where, and most importantly, how. During my time at the LPL, I will be working in the lab, gathering and analyzing data. At other times, I will be working with professors, asking questions and obtaining help in analyzing the data. Knowing what a sample is made of, when it was formed, and where it came from will lead to a better understanding of space. In the bigger picture, knowing all of this will eventually help us understand the mysterious phenomena and unanswered questions of the universe, such as where did we come from, and how did the universe come to be. Although these questions may not be answered during my stay at the LPL, my personal goal is to learn how to analyze the data I find at the LPL and ultimately find the significance in it.

What's There to See?