Bodo L. – BASIS Oro Valley

BASIS Oro Valley Senior Bodo L.

Analysis of Organic Farming and the Agricultural Industry

Project/blog link: Analysis of Organic Farming and the Agricultural Industry
BASIS Advisor: Cynthia Blackey
Internship location: Tucson Village Farm
Onsite Mentor: Elizabeth Sparks, 4-H Extension Assistant Agent/Pima County Cooperative Extension

Project Abstract (2017)

Recently, there has been a growing trend towards healthier lifestyles in America, as evidenced through the promotion of new diets, “super-foods” like kale, and the invigoration of “organic” and “all-natural” food production. Nonetheless, many Americans still lack a concrete image of where their food comes from; often, people living in urban settings especially feel a disconnect between the food on their table and its origins. Tucson Village Farm is a farm located in an urban setting near the University of Arizona. It has been dedicated to the youth in Tucson community, and it serves as an opportunity to educate all people about healthy food, including proper diets, responsible and wholesome food production, and nutritious food preparation. It offers numerous opportunities for youth from throughout the community to volunteer, learn, and participate in hands-on programs revolving around farming. My role at Tucson Village Farm is to participate in farm work such as preparing gardens, growing, and harvesting. In addition, I will be working with other Spring Interns in education programs like “Growing Forward” for our visitors, and I will volunteer at various events like our Farmer’s Market.

Analysis of Organic Farming and the Agricultural Industry