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BASIS Oro Valley Senior Kenneth L.

Introduction to Medical Field Anesthesiology

Project/blog link: Introduction to Medical Field Anesthesiology
BASIS Advisor: Lynn Davidson
Internship location: University of Arizona Medical Center
Onsite Mentor: Jessica Crosby, Senior Biomedical Engineer

Project Abstract (2017)

Anesthesiology is the practice of making a surgery less painful and traumatic for patients through the use of chemicals to block pain signals from getting to the brain. Because technology has become more advanced, and techniques used in anesthesiology are getting more complex, many types of equipment and many techniques are used when practicing anesthesiology. Since I am planning to become an anesthesiologist, it would be wise for me to get a head start on the basics, so I have a firmer grasp on it when I formally learn about it in medical school. I will be doing an internship with Dr. Samata Paidy at the University of Arizona Medical Center, as well as doing independent research. I hope to see the difference between theory and practice by the end of the project. I will also be volunteering in the hospital to become more adapted to the medical environment. The U.S. population is projected to get older and larger, which means that there would be a greater demand for highly-skilled people in the medical field. This project is aimed for me to be in that highly skilled set of people to help the projected aging population.

Introduction to Medical Field Anesthesiology