Brady M. – BASIS Oro Valley

BASIS Oro Valley Senior Brady M.

Brady Takes a Hike for Charity

Project/blog link: Brady Takes a Hike for Charity
BASIS Advisor: Peter Newbegin
Internship location: Arizona Trail Association
Onsite Mentor: Matthew Nelson, Executive Director, Arizona Trail Association

Project Abstract (2017)

I have always loved backpacking and being outdoors, so I have chosen to hike the Arizona Trail over the course of this project. The Arizona Trail spans some of the most diverse ecology in America, stretching from the US-Mexico border 800 miles through the Sonoran Desert all the way through the Superstitions and up to the Grand Canyon. To give this trek added meaning, I have decided to collect donations for a cause: the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. In doing this, I intend to gain an understanding of non-profit institutions and the protocols by which donations are admissible for non-profit organizations. Furthermore, I want to provide assistance to those with Cystic Fibrosis here in Arizona with the donations collected from my project. In completing this project, I will become the youngest person to hike the Arizona Trail.

Brady Takes a Hike for Charity