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BASIS Oro Valley Senior Daniel M.

The Effectiveness of Retargeting Campaigns

Project/blog link: The Effectiveness of Retargeting Campaigns
BASIS Advisor: David Hughes
Internship location: Macallan Group NYC; DC
Onsite Mentor: Will Vanderveer, Co-founder, the Macallan Group

Project Abstract (2017)

The Macallan Group currently describes itself as a local online marketing company that helps local healthcare companies make themselves better known. I am studying the rebranding of this company to be farther-reaching through the use of webinars. Webinars are live videos addressing important topics or tutorials, which allow interaction with the audience. We believe that through messaging and answering questions live, our clients will not only become more engaged with the topic and our company, but also allow us to form a connection with our clients virtually. I will work on rebuilding the website, implementing the software needed to run webinars, and effectively marketing live videos. If we want to become farther-reaching, we need to be able to make deals and convince our clients that we are their best option without physically driving out to their location to meet. The method to study effectiveness of our campaigns includes demonstrated interest of our clients through willingness to do business with us, and the number of registrants and attendees of our webinars. The more registrants, the more initial interest, and the more attendees, the more connections we will make. The more clients that reach out to us to do business, the more effective our webinars are in building connections. Through these data, I will find the best way to rebrand a company to become farther-reaching through the implementation of webinars.

The Effectiveness of Retargeting Campaigns