Ivy M. – BASIS Oro Valley

BASIS Oro Valley Senior Ivy M.

The Children of Oracle

Project/blog link: The Children of Oracle
BASIS Advisor: Helen Baker
Internship location: Jade Beall Photography
Onsite Mentor: Jade Beall, Owner, Jade Beall Photography

Project Abstract (2017)

In a place that is often unknown due to its shared name with a road, there are children who are often overlooked. As someone who has lived in the town of Oracle for my entire life, I am here to share their lives with you. I am creating a book containing conversations and photographs that I have taken during time spent with these peers. It is my belief that art is a powerful form of communication. It is my hope that being faced with the children's stories will leave a deep impact on the public. However, due to the sensitivity of the topics, all stories will be kept anonymous. The point of this book is not to judge but to reveal an honest, visual, personal presentation of their lives.

The Children of Oracle