Jace O. – BASIS Oro Valley

BASIS Oro Valley Senior Jace O.

Relaxation and Stress Relief Through Yoga

Project/blog link: Relaxation and Stress Relief Through Yoga
BASIS Advisor: Helen Baker
Internship location: BASIS Oro Valley
Onsite Mentor: Maria Mendola, Yoga Instructor

Project Abstract (2017)

My project is attempting to contribute to the BASIS Oro Valley community by creating a yoga class in the last month of school for students interested in relieving the stress of final exams, AP tests, and Comprehensive Exams. I believe that the last month of school can be very stressful for students; when operating with a lot of stress, people tend to perform more poorly than someone who is not as stressed. I am interning as a yoga instructor’s assistant in order to learn more about doing yoga and how to teach a yoga class. The majority of how I will address my topic is through self-guided research from books on yoga. I will address the issue of stress during the last month of school with an optional after-school class once or twice a week for an hour that students can come to in order to relieve some of their stress. I expect that students who do chose to go to my after-school class will be less stressed and have less anxiety on test days. I remember being very stressed about how I would perform on my final exams and AP tests; I would have greatly appreciated such a program when I was taking these tests. I believe that everyone would benefit from a little bit of stress relief.

Relaxation and Stress Relief Through Yoga