Kaylee P. – BASIS Oro Valley

BASIS Oro Valley Senior Kaylee P.

Marketing for Humanity

Project/blog link: Marketing for Humanity
BASIS Advisor: Leigh Preuss
Internship location: Habitat for Humanity, Tucson, AZ
Onsite Mentor: Laura Sanchez, Habitat for Humanity Tucson Marketing and Communications Manager

Project Abstract (2017)

I am interning for the marketing and communications department of Habitat for Humanity Tucson. I am posting on social media to promote Habitat for Humanity Tucson and the Tucson HabiStore, interviewing volunteers and employees, taking photos for social media at build sites or at the HabiStore, and writing blogs/articles to promote programs within Habitat for Humanity. I am also exploring the career fields of marketing and communications, graphic design, and journalism. In addition to exploring these fields, I hope to become more involved in Habitat’s mission and to show people the great work that Habitat for Humanity does for the community by helping to build houses for families that need decent and affordable homes. I chose to do this internship for my Senior Project because I believe in the goals of Habitat for Humanity and I love what they do for the community. Habitat for Humanity believes that we all deserve to have a decent life, feeling strength and stability day after day. Habitat helps future homeowners realize that they have the power to take care of themselves and build their own future. At Habitat for Humanity, we are building not only decent and affordable homes, but also strength, stability, and self-reliance.

Marketing for Humanity