Georgie P. – BASIS Oro Valley

BASIS Oro Valley Senior Georgie P.

Exploring Art Therapy

Project/blog link: Exploring Art Therapy
BASIS Advisor: Adrienne Fluitt
Internship location: Kylin Jewell Art Therapy
Onsite Mentor: Kylin Jewell, Art Therapist

Project Abstract (2017)

Art Therapy is a relatively new form of therapy that involves the process of art-making to help a patient express an experience, emotion, or problem. Patients then reflect on the artwork to better understand their personal thoughts. In my project, I am learning about the basics of art therapy, its history and many uses, and its impact of the field of psychology. Art therapy can help many groups of people; I am specifically studying its effect on individuals with stress and anxiety. Most people know that high school students at BASIS are under a lot of stress, so by starting an art therapy group at school, I will analyze stress surveys taken after group sessions to see if art therapy can help stress management in high school students. I believe that art therapy is a commonly overlooked treatment option that is beneficial to many different types of people, so with my project, I hope to bring to light this form of therapy and help others, as well as myself, to learn more about it.

Exploring Art Therapy