Lucas T. – BASIS Oro Valley

BASIS Oro Valley Senior Lucas T.

Internship at Metal Works Precision Machine Shop

Project/blog link: Internship at Metal Works Precision Machine Shop
BASIS Advisor: Chester Clark
Internship location: Metal Works Precision Machine and Tool, Inc.
Onsite Mentor: Timothy Brown, Owner, Metalworks Precision Machine and Tool

Project Abstract (2017)

Despite the increasing use of software in everyday life, using machines to create products that start as raw pieces of metal remains vital to making designs in engineering a reality. Precision Metal Works Machine Shop is at the heart of this process, as machinists take concepts from engineers’ blueprints and replicate them with an accuracy of up to one ten-thousandth of an inch. The machines used to accomplish this are CNC vertical mills and lathes, which run programs written in G-code, and there are also hand-operated mills and lathes at the machine shop. As an engineer it is important to be familiar with where and how every design is realized. Through this project I hope that observation and hands-on involvement in this environment will help form a solid foundation in machining and its connection to Mechanical Engineering.

Internship at Metal Works Precision Machine Shop