Krystin V. – BASIS Oro Valley

BASIS Oro Valley Senior Krystin V.

BASIS Oro Valley's First Project Grad

Project/blog link: BASIS Oro Valley's First Project Grad
BASIS Advisor: Elizabeth Thies
Internship location: Oro Valley City Council
Onsite Mentor: Mary Snider, Oro Valley City Councilwoman

Project Abstract (2017)

Project Grad is a night dedicated to the graduates of the senior class, which will provide them a night of fun activities, food, and much more. Overall the main objective of Project Grad is to provide a safe environment for graduates to celebrate with their class for one last night. In order to carry out this event, the involvement of the school and local community is necessary. Over the course of this project I will determine who will be involved, who is volunteering, what food and beverage will be at the event, and what activities are at the event. Ultimately I will plan every step of the event from beginning to end, from the moment kids check into the event to the second they leave the following morning. I hope to see majority of the graduating class attend and enjoy themselves over the course of the night. This project is so important because it makes sure graduates are kept safe while allowing students to celebrate their high school accomplishments. High school graduation is a major milestone in teenagers’ lives and keeping them safe is a priority.

BASIS Oro Valley's First Project Grad