Samuel W. – BASIS Oro Valley

BASIS Oro Valley Senior Samuel W.

The Future of Flying

Project/blog link: The Future of Flying
BASIS Advisor: Chad Longoni
Internship location: Raytheon & Securaplane Technologies. Inc.
Onsite Mentor: Vince Jenkins, Field Service Engineer

Project Abstract (2017)

In aeronautics, batteries are very important. Usually, they provide power for many systems, and in some emergency cases the battery backup can be the thing that keeps the plane in the air long enough to land safely. As with all items on aircraft, batteries must be lightweight to be economical, but they must still be able to hold a lot of electricity. As a potential chemical engineer, I have decided to study the chemical battery systems of aircraft. I hope to research, both individually and through my internship at Securaplane Technologies, the different types of batteries currently available for use in aeronautics, and the types that are currently being developed and innovated. At Securaplane, I will actually get hands-on experience with aeronautic equipment to help me understand what is being used. Based on my current knowledge, I know that lithium batteries are commonly used, but I hope to be able to report on the pros and cons of other types of batteries by the end of this project. Improving the types of batteries we use in aeronautics can be significant, allowing for more efficient aircraft that saves resources and money. Improved aircraft will lead to cheaper ways of delivering supplies and transporting people. Aeronautics affect all of us today through the transportation of goods and people, and the batteries are an often overlooked but vital part of aircraft today.

The Future of Flying