Duncan W. – BASIS Oro Valley

BASIS Oro Valley Senior Duncan W.

Controllers and BLDC Motors

Project/blog link: Controllers and BLDC Motors
BASIS Advisor: Kolb Ettenger
Internship location: ASU
Onsite Mentor: Jens Eltze, Director of Marketing, Apex Analog

Project Abstract (2017)

How many people have electronics on them at all times, especially here in the US? How many people know how they really work or even how much work is put into every part of that electronic device? I want to teach people about the amount of work that is put into small electronics, ones that we even use every day, while expanding my knowledge to my future study of electrical engineering. The work I have been assigned at APEX allows me to work on a goal to implement a control loop on a heating element for a printer head and hopefully even a DC motor as well. The task I have been assigned is only a small part of a bigger whole. The printer head is only even a small part implemented into industrial printers. It is merely the part that ejects ink. The amount of work that is put into very small scale products can show the magnitude of work as a whole on its own. This is why people take the objects they use every day for granted. I am working on the software and understanding how the hardware works in order to simply heat the ink inside a printer head and control the shaft for a simple DC motor. The work will only touch the surface of complexity of electronics.

Controllers and BLDC Motors