Jennifer X. – BASIS Oro Valley

BASIS Oro Valley Senior Jennifer X.

APPetizing: Creating an App to Find Restaurants

Project/blog link: APPetizing: Creating an App to Find Restaurants
BASIS Advisor: Tommaso Cioni
Internship location: San Francisco, CA
Onsite Mentor: Eric Xiao, Software Engineer

Project Abstract (2017)

Food is the basis of life, and on the occasion when someone eats out, choosing a restaurant can be a surprisingly difficult task. This project aims to tackle that problem through an app centered on pictures of the dishes. Sometimes, all it takes to decide where or what to eat are pictures that can help users realize what they are really craving. With pictures, users know exactly what they will be eating before they even enter a restaurant. This focuses the restaurant-finding process on the actual dishes, so that users can discover lesser-known but delicious cuisine in a new, fun way. This project explores the mobile app development process from app concept design to app creation: user interface design, Swift foundational code, databases, and more. The final app product allows users to scroll through pictures of food found within a certain radius around them. Then, the user can select a photo to view details about the restaurant that serves the photographed dish. The app also features more search filters, such as by food type or cost. The app’s focus on pictures centers the restaurant finding process on the most appetizing part: the food.

APPetizing: Creating an App to Find Restaurants