Lucy B. – BASIS Phoenix

BASIS Phoenix Senior Lucy B.

Levels of Fear - Reasoning and Effects

Project/blog link: Levels of Fear - Reasoning and Effects
BASIS Advisor: Rebecca Trillo
Internship location: HonorHealth Scottsdale Thompson Peak Medical Center
Onsite Mentor: Samantha Smith, Volunteer Services Coordinator

Project Abstract (2017)

When people hear stories of regular humans lifting cars off themselves or dodging a bullet, they are often dismissed as exaggerations of facts. My goal is to understand how and why such feats are possible by looking into the science of fear. Experiments will be conducted to observe how people of various ages react when encountering stressful environments; to understand multiple reactions, participants will be asked to complete various tasks under pressure. Through various experiments, my goal is to analyze how fear and anxiety affect different people at various levels, and, hopefully, to discover that fear/anxiety is a universal condition given the correct stimulus. This data can be linked to how superhuman feats are not only possible, but can be accomplished by anyone under the right stimulus. Anxiety, fear, and extreme fear have several biological ‘limits’, and with different kinds of stimuli the brain will force the body to react in increasingly ‘superhuman’ ways.

Levels of Fear - Reasoning and Effects