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BASIS Phoenix Senior Armando C.

How Antibodies can be Used to Treat Dengue-Infected Plants

Project/blog link: How Antibodies can be Used to Treat Dengue-Infected Plants
BASIS Advisor: Wendy Sandor
Internship location: Biodesign Center for Immunotherapy, Vaccines and Virotherapy, ASU
Onsite Mentor: Qiang Chen, PhD , Professor

Project Abstract (2017)

A superbug is any pathogen, a disease-causing agent, that is able to develop resistant against the many antibiotics that doctors can prescribe. Every day there is a growing problem with pathogens such as bacteria and viruses developing resistance to penicillin, cephalexin, and several other antibiotics. This problem will only become more atrocious and will have to be addressed in the future or else there will be a terrible pandemic of superbugs. Throughout my project, I am researching how antibodies can be developed from bioengineered plants and how those antibodies are able to combat viruses such as the dengue virus. It is important to venture out and find new methods that can be used to combat these pathogens before they become superbugs, or else humanity will pay the price. I want to help synthesize antibodies in plants so that I can test to see if these engineered antibodies can prevent the dengue virus from replicating. As long as the virus cannot replicate, there will be less concern over the issue of pathogens adapting to become superbugs. I plan to help researchers develop new antibodies that can be attached to different strains of the dengue virus so that these viruses aren't able to reproduce. At the end of my project I hope to synthesize successful antibodies so that I can inject those antibodies into mammalian cells in order to provide protection against the dengue virus.

How Antibodies can be Used to Treat Dengue-Infected Plants