Nina C. – BASIS Phoenix

BASIS Phoenix Senior Nina C.

The Refugee Crisis: Stranded in Serbia

Project/blog link: The Refugee Crisis: Stranded in Serbia
BASIS Advisor: Darin Namminga
Internship location: Ministry of Defense - Material Resources Sector, Republic of Serbia
Onsite Mentor: Tomislav Djordjevic, Lieutenant Colonel

Project Abstract (2017)

Immigration is a hotbed issue in every country in the world. However, the crisis that most nations are currently facing is not that of hopeful immigrants, but rather desperate refugees who are fleeing their homelands in fear of persecution. The Serbian government, specifically the Ministry of Defense, and various independent organizations, are working to aid the refugees who have become unable to continue their journey past Serbia due to neighboring countries' rejection and violence at border crossings. By interviewing independent agents and government officials while interning at the Ministry, and by conducting on-site visits, I will witness first-hand how these efforts to minimize hardship are manifesting and evaluate their effectiveness. As I delve deeper into the international sphere of governmental relations, I hope to learn more about the realities of bureaucratic dealings that pertain to the humanitarian crisis at hand.

The Refugee Crisis: Stranded in Serbia