Lucas C. – BASIS Flagstaff

BASIS Flagstaff Senior Lucas C.

Water Matters

Project/blog link: Water Matters
BASIS Advisor: Corey Hartman, PhD
Internship location: Flagstaff Utilities
Onsite Mentor: Steve Camp, Compliance Manager

Project Abstract (2017)

Access to clean water is a problem experienced not only by developing countries lacking infrastructure. Developed countries, including the United States, also experience issues with access to safe drinking water. In 2015-2016, Flagstaff, Arizona—which typically earns high marks for quality water—had an EPA violation showing disinfection byproducts in its treated water at the Lake Mary Water Treatment Plant. As disinfection byproducts are harmful to humans, Lake Mary was temporarily cut off as a source of potable water for Flagstaff. Currently, as a means to addressing the problems of disinfection byproducts, the treatment plant now uses a method of treatment that doesn't create disinfection byproducts but is more expensive. This study will evaluate different water treatment methods for potable surface water by not only weighing the efficiency of treatment but also budgetary and implementary viability. This entails a cost-benefit analysis of each treatment method, as well as comparisons to other treatment plants around Northern Arizona. By using my own samples and previously taken samples, I hope to design a water treatment system that best fits Lake Mary's physical and chemical makeup and Flagstaff's economic situation, so that people living in Flagstaff's city limits are provided with clean water and the city remains economically afloat.

Water Matters