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BASIS Flagstaff Senior Marggie P.

A study on the Gila cypha

Project/blog link: A study on the Gila cypha
BASIS Advisor: Lisa McDonough

Project Abstract (2017)

There is a problem with the Gila cypha (an endangered species of fish commonly known as the humpback chub) population in the Grand Canyon. Despite attempts to increase (or at the least maintain) the population, continual death combined with a lack of reproduction is occurring. This problem has negatively impacted the ecosystem in the Grand Canyon because of a loss of diversity. A possible cause of this problem is low pH level in the river. My project investigates a correlation between pH, flow rate, and fish population along the entire Colorado River. I am doing this by analyzing changes in pH and the Gila cypha population data from the United States Geological Survey. Thus far, I have found nothing like this in the current larger field of study; I hope my research can contribute to finding ways to positively impact both the population of the Gila cypha in the Grand Canyon and the ecosystem in that region.

A study on the Gila cypha